Why underground?


Well documented

UWS underground system is well proven and documented through cooperation with all the municipalities that introduced the system. More than 60,000 systems have been installed around Europe.


Needs small space

With a underground container, which can receive large amounts of waste, the waste is completely hidden underground. Only the well-designed inserts above the earth is visible.


Easy to install

UWS is easy to install; Containers and caisson are delivered together and lifted easily into place. The installation requires no additional reinforcement.


Beneficial running costs - long lasting

UWS underground systems have long lifespan and require minimal maintenance, resulting in low maintenance costs. The running costs are advantageous as there is no need for heated waste rooms and disposable bags.


Reduces the risk of bad odor

When the waste is stored underground, the temperature of the waste is kept cool and even, all year round and the risk of bad odor is minimized.


Can receive large amounts of waste

As the waste is thrown into the insert, it is compressed into the container by its own weight. This means that the UWS system is made for large amounts of waste.


Collects liquid at the bottom of the container

Liquid is collected at the bottom of the container. The organic material container can be adapted with increased fluid retention.


Minimizes risk of fire and maintenance

The system's protective concrete enclosure and corrosion-resistant steel construction minimize risk of fire and maintenance and contribute to long durability. The UWS system can be locked or using a tag/blip for the area's renters.


Enjoyable outdoor environment

The system offers the opportunity to create pleasant outdoor environments, where the UWS waste system can be integrated in a discreet manner.


User-friendly inserts

UWS is available in several colors and has user-friendly input for different types of waste and optimum height for wheelchair users.


Easy to empty

The emptying is done entirely by a single person with a crane truck. The container is lifted out of the caisson, the safety floor rises to ground level and the driver empties the container in the truck. The driver can empty in a way that minimizes noise.