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Waste management can be costly and a large amount of the waste that could be sorted and recycled,  is instead sorted as residual waste. This means a large amount of residual waste that has to be handled at an unnecessarily high cost, while resources are wasted. The Environmental law states that we must reduce the amount of residual waste and recycle more to minimize the impact on the environment. A prerequisite is that the sorting of resources is arranged in order to sort in a simple and efficient manner.


PWS offers sustainable solutions

PWS has developed solutions and containers for efficient waste sorting for more than thirty years and we know that great equipment and information creates motivation.  If it it easy and convenient to sort waste, you do it too! Therefore, it is important to have a clear and simple waste sorting system that is ergonomic, easy to empty and easy to handle. In PWS's wide range, you will find thoughtful equipment in good, durable and easy-to-use materials, where offices, schools, restaurants and hospitals are just a few examples among customers who ordered PWS waste sorting equipment to sort their waste more easily.



>> You will find our A4-brochure about waste sorting equipment here (PDF)