How Duo Select works


Quick to install and safe for future needs

The PWS Duo Select waste management system is based on 190 L, 240 L, 370 L, 400 L and 660 L containers. The system can be used for waste sorting for recycling. The system is flexible and can easily be allocated with dividers. The divider wall can be placed in three positions, depending on the fractions and the need for volume; 40/60 - 50/50 or 60/40. If required, other divisions can be offered, upon request.

Regardless of what you choose, all systems are designed to easily and quickly be placed and used. The system is one of the fastest-to-install systems in the market, while it is safe and efficient to use. The integrated steering tracks are a major part of the system's adaptability and the divider wall is both simple and fast to assemble.

In addition, the Duo Select system is prepared for Quattro Select, already in development of the system, and has all the preconditions for integrated flexibility and future assurance.



Stable divider for clean fractions

The divider is made of heavy plastic, in a construction that provides stability and is robust. The V-shaped separation edge at the top of the divider further contributes to the stability and control the waste, upon emptying. In this manner, the divider is not affected, even if the pressure increases from one of the two compartments in the container. It is very important that the divider wall is sufficiently stable so that the fractions are kept clean and do not risk mixing during the emptying of the container. The divider extends to the top of the container to ensure that the fractions are not mixed during emptying. The edges are designed with soft radius without sharp wrinkles, to prevent the waste from get stuck to when emptied.