Quattro Select Container


The Quattro Select system suits the following PWS waste containers

The Quattro Select system can be ordered entirely complete. If you want to start with standard container, PWS standard sizes 240, 370 and 660 L are prepared to be easily upgraded to Quattro Select, for an even more efficient system.

The Quattro Select 660 fits larger quantities of waste and holds 660 liters. The container have four compartments, two 60 L each. The 660-liter container is useful for small businesses, schools and multi-family homes. The container is emptied into a Quattro Select four compartment garbage truck.


240 L PL
370 L
660 L



30, 45 och 60 liters insats till Quattro Select


Flexible system

The Quattro Select system is based on several different solutions, giving the system its unique flexibility, with the ability to adjust the containers as the needs of different fractions change.

The system is based on containers with a divider, which can be moved and placed in prepared grooves at different positions in the containers. In addition to the partition, there are various 30 L, 45 L and 60 L, which are combined according to the needs and wishes you have. This flexibility means that you get a container with a large number of combination options that fills all the needs for efficient waste sorting.


Adaptable system, developed for the future

The Quattro Select system have all the options to be adjusted as the need to sort more / other fractions becomes relevant. The system is flexible and easily adapted to meet future needs.