Battery box for charging and storing Lithium-ion batteries

Retron box is a useful product for anyone who uses lithium-ion battery-powered devices, such as electric bicycles, tools, lawnmowers, etc. The box significantly reduces the risk of fire from these batteries during storage, charging and transportation.

Lithium-ion batteries that are defective or have not been fully discharged can cause fires and, in the worst case, explosions. In some cases, lithium batteries can self-ignite, for example if there is a short circuit in the cells. A lithium-ion battery can very quickly ignite surrounding objects.

Retron box is an ideal method to prevent fire by offering flame protection. If lithium batteries are stored, transported or charged inside the Retron box, the risk of potential ignition spreading to the surroundings is significantly reduced.


Item number: 440452360

Technical data

  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Dimensions (lxwxh): 520 x 427 x 205 mm
  • Material: Steel
  • The box is secured via a two-sided lever locking system
  • Plug-in unit for a maximum of 2 chargers
  • Included 2 fire-retardant cushions


Quotation request

Retron box incl. gas release holes with flame-retardant grille on the rear.

Approved for the transportation of dangerous goods in accordance with 4A/X29/S/../D/BAM 15774-OTTO2.