From waste to resource


Environmental awareness is increasing

A long time ago we throw away garbage straight out on the street. From 1945 to 1980s municipal cleaning began, waste disposal was largely the same way. The trash was picked up and piled. Everything was "residual waste" and no one thought that there were huge resources wasted.

Since the late 1980s, the view on waste has changed and an increased awareness of environmental issues have been given more attention. Earth's resources are no longer enough to extract new raw materials for production. We have had to take advantage of the resources available in our waste and start recycling through waste sorting.


Reduce residual waste

Waste management can be expensive and much of the waste that could be recycled is still thrown in residual waste. This means a large amount of residual waste that has to be handled at an unnecessarily high cost, while resources are wasted.

The Environmental Act states that we must recycle more to minimize the strain on the environment. A precondition is that the sorting of resources is organized in a simple and efficient manner.


PWS is part of this important environmental work

Through continuous development work, many times in close cooperation with customers, PWS has developed systems to facilitate waste sorting. Among other things, we have developed the revolutionary waste sorting system Quattro Select, which allows sorting with up to 10 fractions on two containers, with pick-up at the site boundary. Studies have shown that the Quattro Select system increases the amount of dry fractions and reduces the amount of residual waste.

We have also developed underground systems, which allow for the storage of large amounts of waste underground. The waste is kept cool all year round and the risk of bad odor is reduced. Different inserts enables waste sorting.