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Original products for indoors and outdoors sorting

PWS litter bins for public environment have many times been trendsetters in design. Today they contribute to the character of the city everywhere. Our wide range of litter bins gives you great opportunities to find the right one. The litter bins are available in different types of materials and designs, as well as in the 30 - 1000 liter volumes:

  • The HH 2000 is a genuine 70s model, with high functionality and flexibility, found in principle everywhere around Europe.
  • The SI 2200 is discreet and robust and fits easily wherever it is placed.
  • Pinto was developed in collaboration with the city of Munich and is today considered a classic.
  • Santo is a successful model, which is found in many places, but is still associated with Berlin. Our winning design for the government district is well adapted to, and part of, the capital's streets.
  • Vento holds 70 liters and is a further development of the classic HH 2000.
  • Tara T is a version of Tara, with a door on the side. The door contributes to better ergonomics and make it easier to empty the trash.

There are more original products on the following pages, where the width of the PWS range is displayed. If the environment requires something special, in addition to the standard range, PWS has every opportunity to develop customized litter bins and junk bins that meet specific design and functional needs.

Cleanliness in public and semi-public environments

A well-arraged waste management system creates the conditions for the public environment to be perceived positively. One of PWS most important tasks is to contribute to rational and simple waste management. PWS has successfully delivered litter bins and junk bins for public and semi-public environments for more than 30 years. Behind us, we have our parent company in Germany which has developed waste disposal products for more than 75 years. During this time, we have worked closely with customers and can offer a wide range of litter bins, garbage baskets and containers adapted to market needs and requirements.

The surroundings contribute to the impression visitors get. With PWS, visitors can get what they need to be able to act environmentally and keep clean by placing stylish and hygienic litter bins. Among our customers you will find municipalities, train and bus stations, hospitals, schools, companies, shopping centers and large and smaller retail chains, all of which use PWS products for outdoor and indoor sorting.


Product liability

PWS develops products for efficient and rational waste management, taking into account the environment, production and transport as well as material selection, corrosion protection, ease of use and durability.

PWS has hanging and freestanding litter bins and junk bins as well as underground systems. The litter bins must be discreet and complement the city environment. PWS has flexible solutions and can meet different requirements placed on the litter bins for public and semi-public environments. For example, metal litter bins can be delivered in any RAL-colour. Plastic litter bins can be ordered in any color (depending or the number of orders). PWS also offers special lacquering, symbols and texts that are screen-printed or carved in self-adhesive vindyl as well as protection against graffiti.  


PWS extensive range can be combined with other waste solutions. PWS will gladly provide suggestions for complete solutions tailored to specific needs in terms of sorting outdoors and indoors. 

Quality and experience

PWS products and solutions have been installed in many places in Europe and the Nordic region. Various projects have given the company extensive experience and knowledge about Nordic conditions. Collaboration with customers has helped to develop new, as well as improved products to meet customers needs.


Business premises, shopping malls, bus and train stations, tourist sites and sports places must all be kept clean. PWS's wide range of features and customization options, such as color setting or printing, allow them to be tailored to meet specific requirements and integrate into the cityscape or for the company. PWS provides customers with customized litter bins , which can be individually colored and provided with decor according to the company's graphical profile.


Brochure about litter bins

>> You will find our A4-brochure Litter bins here.