Products adapted for food waste

PWS has a number of flexible solutions that are adapted to manage food waste in a rational and well-functioning way.


In PWS's wide range, you will find well-thought-out equipment in good, durable and easy-to-care materials with a variety of applications. Is it easy and convenient to sort waste, you do it too! Therefore, it is important to have a clear and simple source sorting system, which is ergonomic, easy to empty and easy to maintain.

Read more about the different solutions:

UWS - large amount of waste under ground with best ergonomics
Minicollector - bottom emptying container with inspection possibility
City Bin - flexible bottom draining above ground container
Container garage - flexible where containers of different sizes can be placed inside
Drive In 2x140L
Bio Select container
Public furnishing
In the kitchen
Cabinet for food waste bags
Rollable stand