What is UWS?


An underground system with many advantages

A UWS underground system means that waste container is buried underground, which has several advantages. Earth keeps cool and cool temperatures, regardless of season, which minimizes the risk of bad odors. The UWS system is space-saving, as the container is stored underground and holds large amounts of waste (3m3, 4m3 or 5m3). The waste is compressed by its own weight when the container is filled. UWS is also available in split containers for eg colored and uncoloured glass.

The running costs are advantageous as there is no need for heated waste rooms and disposable bags. The system's protective concrete enclosure and corrosion-resistant steel construction minimize fire risk and maintenance and contribute to long durability. The UWS system can be locked or roofed for the area's renters.



UWS is available in several colors and has user-friendly input for different types of waste and optimum height for wheelchair users. The container is designed for large amounts of waste that is effectively compressed by its own weight. Liquid is collected at the bottom of the container. The organic material container can be adapted with increased fluid retention. Emptying is completely mechanically. The container is raised, the safety floor rises to ground level and the operator can empty in a way that minimizes noise.



UWS is a modern, efficient and easy-to-use waste system. It offers advantageous fixed and running costs without the need for heated storage rooms or handling disposable bags.



The UWS design opens up opportunities for integrating waste management to blend into the housing environment. The system offers the opportunity to create pleasant outdoor environments, where the UWS waste system can melt in a discreet way.

The UWS is user-friendly and the height of the incline is optimized for wheelchair users. The system is available in different sizes. Incubation is available in various designs; with different ground coatings and different colors and in Hammarlack, which provides a durable and painted surface that has a long service life and effectively hides pollen and dust.


Smooth and persistent

Installation is smooth. UWS consists of a corrosion-resistant steel container and a protective concrete box, which minimizes the risk of fire. Containers and caisson are delivered together and easily lifted into place. The system has a stable construction, made for large amounts of waste, without the need for additional reinforcement. The UWS system has a very long service life with minimal maintenance and low maintenance costs.