High quality waste products and waste systems

Daily use shows PWS product benefits

When our products are used, it becomes apparent how durable and robust they are. We at PWS know what is required for our containers and systems to cope with the tough Nordic conditions, with sometimes low temperatures and challenging climate.

It is not only the material choice that sets that standard, but also the design of our products. PWS works close to the market, enabling direct and straightforward communication. Through our close cooperation with customers, our experienced engineers and designers develop products and systems that are adapted to the future, where state-of-the-art production technology and certified quality monitoring provide the basis for continuous product development.

Our products are certified according to RAL and therefore achieve the globally highest quality standard.


PWS products have:

  • design that can handle Nordic conditions
  • design for long durability
  • design to be user friendly and ergonomic
  • stable designs and optimized thickness of goods
  • material adapted for Nordic conditions
  • thoughtful and proven features
  • standard version that can be easily supplemented with functional selectable additions
  • products that are certified according to RAL (highest quality standard)


>> GGAWB - movies and pictures of important tests required to achieve RAL quality certificates