2- och 3-Wheeld containers

80 L
120 L
140 L PL
190 L
Steel Container 240 L
243 L PL
240 L PL
240 L & 370 L Flip Lid
370 L
373 L

Stable and easy manoeuvrable



PWS waste containers are designed for good ergonomics, both for the cleaner and the user

The containers are designed to be easy to drain and clean, as well as to cope with the Nordic climate. 2 and 3 wheeled containers have large wheels with good driving capacity, even in snow and are easy to handle and move; turn around, swing around, pull over kerbside and more. The containers have solid, grip-friendly handles and are easy to tip over when moving. The larger containers and Quattro Select have a third, integrated wheel to roll easily despite full load. The third wheel is pivotable and can be locked. The wheel is integrated and factory-mounted. The 373 and 240 liter containers can be supplemented with a divider, which allows room for two fractions.

PWS has developed Ergolock (lid-in-lid) for 2- and 3-wheel containers. The waste can be thrown from two directions, which is convenient for both the user and the cleaner.

PWS steel containers are specially developed for factory and workshop environments, where untender handling and waste with fire risk make additional demands on material selection.


>> Brochure for 2-, 3- och 4-wheeld waste containers(pdf)