Why Duo Select?


Secured for the future

The Duo Select system is prepared to meet increased requirements for waste sorting and recycling of waste, as it can easily be supplemented for more fractions.


The Duo Select system is well proven and the containers can easily be expanded into a system with a divider (for two fractions in one container) and to the Quattro Select system.

Easy to install

The Duo Select system is one of the easiest and fastest systems to install, whether you want the standard container, a two-compartment container, and the more advanced Quattro Select system for up to 8 small-size fractions.

Stable design - stable material

The divider is made of heavy plastic, in a construction that provides stability and is robust. The V-shaped separation edge at the top of the divider further contributes to the stability and control the waste, upon emptying. In this manner, the divider is not affected, even if the pressure increases from one of the two compartments in the container.

Easy to empty

The Duo Select containers are easily emptied in a two-compartment vehicle. Quttro Select is emptied in a four-fraction vehicle, just as fast.

Good ergonomics

The PWS containers are designed to meet the demands of a good working environment. The containers has good driving characteristics with two large wheels and a third, integrated wheel, for the containers to roll easily despite full load. The third wheel is pivotable and can be locked. Ready grip-friendly handle facilitates movement and makes the container easy to tip over, if necessary.

Manage the Nordic climate

The Duo Select system has been developed to meet Nordic conditions, with the right material selection and thickness of the goods (approved for temperatures from -40 ° to + 80 ° C), which can handle emptying even for solid-frozen waste. Even the right construction is important for stability and durability.