Easy to handle

PWS containers and systems are designed for good ergonomics, both for the cleaner and the user. Waste bins have large wheels with good driving skills, even in snow. They have a handy grip, are easy to tip over when moving and have a well-balanced center of gravity, even when loaded. Well thought-out construction contributes to stability. The larger containers and Quattro Select have a third, integrated wheel to roll easily despite the full load. The third wheel is pivotable and can be locked.


Good working environment

PWS containers and systems are designed to meet the demands of a good working environment. The containers are slightly conical, smooth and has rounded corners to facilitate emptying and cleaning. The lifting edge is designed according to standard to suit the most rear and side load-bearing vehicles. Even underground systems (UWS and Bagio) are simple and easy to empty.

PWS has developed Ergolock (lid-in-lid) for 2- and 3-wheel containers. The waste can be thrown from two directions, which is convenient for both the user and the cleaner.

The throwe-ins of the underground lighting system (UWS and Bagio) has been ergonomic and is designed to fit even wheelchair users.


PWS containers and systems have

  • thoughtful features
  • optimal center of gravity that facilitates movement
  • hand grip with plenty of space
  • ergolock (selectable addition) with two-way opening (2- and 3-wheeled containers)
  • optimized footsteps to tip over alternatively three wheels
  • optimum throw-ins (underground systems UWS and Bagio)
  • thoughtful, efficient emptying
  • design for smooth cleaning
  • standard version that can be easily supplemented with functional selectable additions