Container usage


Consulting, distribution and collection

At an early stage, PWS began to work on environmental issues and sustainable development and today we are the market leader in the Nordic market. PWS offers a high level of service and advice before, during and after delivery. With high quality and innovative logistics services for container usage, we offer full service through collection of old containers, distribution of new containers, as well as identification and registration when emptying.

We only partner with leading providers of identification systems. Based on customer preferences and our experience, we find the best system for identification of containers, based on cost savings, flexibility and future profitability. We provide support throughout the implementation so that the system works smoothly and satisfactorily.


Fast delivery of spare parts  

After delivery, you may need assistance with spare parts. PWS has its central warehouse in Sweden, close to the market. This means that it is possible to get fast deliveries of both spare parts and selectable additions.


Information to subscribers

PWS also has the opportunity, on behalf of the client, to provide relevant information material before the change of containers or delivery of selectable additions. The basis for the information already exists and is adapted to the client's profile.