What is Quattro Select?


Systems and equipment for real estate collection

Quattro Select is a revolutionary PWS waste system that allows the customer to easily sort all waste at the source. Nevertheless, no more than two waste containers are required.

Municipalities that have introduced Quattro Select have reduced the amount of residual waste radically since the system was introduced. The municipalities are focusing on sorting out the packaging from household waste, which previously constituted a significant part of the waste and entailed major costs. At the same time, the service is significantly increased for subscribers. The goal is to reduce the amount of residual waste and recycle as much as possible.

Quattro Select is cost-effective for both customer and buyer. The subscriber is encouraged to sort waste thanks to Quattro Select. Space is extricated in the home as you dispose of subcollect waste in different containers. Instead, the waste is placed directly in the designated container compartment. Another cost - and time saving for the subscriber is to avoid collecting all waste and driving to the waste station.


Environmental benefits

The benefits to the environment are the reduced amounts of combustible / landfills. Many unmanned stations can be closed and resources can be released to staffed stations, which contributes to higher service in the municipality. The client saves the environment due to reduced individual shipments to the waste stations.

Good equipment and information creates motivation for subscribers. If it is easy and convenient to sort waste, you will do it without much effort.


8+2 fractions on two containers

On a small surface, it is possible to sort 8 different fractions. Through a well-thought-out system, there is every opportunity for a well-functioning waste management. Choosing Quattro Select provides great flexibility for the collection of waste. Depending on the conditions, the containers can be adapted to your own needs. Thanks to the battery- and/or electronics box, the customer can collect batteries, light bulbs or electrical waste at the appropriate location. When it is time for emptying, the box is put up on the container. The box is emptied in a seperate box mounted on the garbage truck.

Here you will find PWS Quattro Select containers