Why Quattro Select?


Increased service

With Quattro Select, the service is noticeably increased for the subscriber while reducing the potential for reducing residual waste and combustible and increase recycling.


Environmental benefit

The benefits to the environment are the reduced amounts of combustible and residual waste. The residents of the municipality save the environment thanks to reduced individual transport to the waste stations.


Better recycling

Municipalities that have introduced the Quattro Select system have reduced the amount of residual waste radically. Good equipment and information creates motivation for subscribers. If it is easy and convenient to sort waste, you will do it without much effort.

Sorting at the source is an effective tool for better waste management. Collecting a relatively well-sorted waste, instead of a mixed and undefined, facilitates disposal. The quality of recycled material increases as the quality of the entire management chain increases. Waste sorting is thus a quality assurance of materials for the manufacture of new products.


Better service

Accessibility - Close proximity to the collection system is of great importance for a successful outcome. There are flaws in today's collection system with recycling stations, such as long distances to collection sites. Littering is another problem, especially in the metropolitan areas where high load / space shortage provides overflowing containers. Littering can reduce the acceptance of the collection system and the motivation to participate.


Better control

Many unmanned stations can be closed, which increases the control of the material. Deviations can be detected at an early stage and adjusted when the different types of materials are collected at the source. The system also provides great opportunities for good follow-up and statistics of collected amounts per area and fraction.



Quattro Select is a result of others' visions and a future system that exists today. Flexible collection systems adapted for future changes. Municipalities that selected Quattro Select experiences major benefits of the system and although the conditions of the towns are varied, the system can always be customized.



A resource-intensive collection system with the ability to handle the collected fractions in a free market with market-based compensation.


Well documented

The Quattro Select system is well proven and documented through collaboration with all the municipalities that introduced the system.


Only needs a small space

Eight compartments in two containers allow the sorting of many fractions on a small surface, while the sorting becomes simple and comfortable. Households release surface when the need for interim storage is removed and the result is an efficient and environmentally friendly system, where multiple fractions can be recycled.


Increases the amount of dry and clean fractions

With the Quattro Select system, the fractions are kept clean and dry. As the quality of the fractions increases, opportunities for market-based compensation also increase.


Easy to empty

The Quattro Select containers are easily emptied in a four-compartment truck. It takes 20 seconds to empty four fractions.


Good ergonomics

The PWS containers are designed to meet the demands of a good working environment. The containers have good driving characteristics with two large wheels and a third, integrated wheel, for the containers to roll easily despite full load. The third wheel is pivotable and can be locked. Grip-friendly handle facilitates movement and makes the container easy to tip over, if necessary.


Stand the Nordic climate

The Quattro Select system has been developed to handle Nordic conditions, with the right material selection and thickness of the goods (approved for temperatures from -40 ° to + 80 ° C), which can handle emptying even for iced waste. The right construction is important for stability and durability.

Here you will find PWS Quattro Select containers