How UWS works


Insert above ground and interim storage below ground

The image below shows the UWS system in its entirety. Only the inserts are above ground. The concrete caisson with the container is both underground, except during emptying. Here, large quantities of waste can fit and compress under their own weight. Underground, the temperature is cooler, minimizing the risk of bad odors. The inserts becomes part of the outdoor environment and can be integrated in a discreet and tasteful way in residential areas. Different inserts exist for different fractions. There are different types of coverings around the inserts and can be customized with own coating (max. 30 mm thick), non-slip rubber pulp or floor plate.


Large volume with simple emptying

The UWS system has different solutions for emptying the container, depending on the type of truck / crane to empty the waste - there is a solution for all types of crane trucks. The emptying (see pictures below) is done entirely by a single person with a crane truck. The container is lifted out of the caisson, the safety floor rises to ground level and the driver empties the container in the truck. The driver can dose the emptying to minimize the risk of noise.


Different inserts for different fractions

The UWS system can be discreetly integrated into the environment in which it is placed. Inserts is available for different fractions and can be obtained in different colors as well as in "Hammarlack", with a mix of painted surface that effectively conceals dust and pollen.

Underground there is the concrete container and the caisson. The above ground is the insert.
The UWS system is emptied by lifting the container from the underground concrete box.
A safety floor closes and the container is emptied in a truck.