PWS Policies

Environmental policy

PWS operates in the environmental area with systems and products where people and the environment are at the center of attention. This is achieved through:

  • to provide functional products and systems that enable efficient handling of residual products
  • to consider the environmental impact of the products in connection with product development and through product improvement reduce its environmental impact
  • comply with the binding requirements that the business is affected by
  • actively work to prevent pollution and constantly reduce the environmental impact of the business


Quality policy

PWS will develop functional systems and products where customers' demands, customer benefits and product quality will be at the center. This is achieved through:

  • competent consulting
  • collaboration with suppliers and customers
  • safe deliveries
  • correct product quality
  • continuous improvement of the quality management system


Work Environment Policy

PWS is committed to fostering a safe and pleasant work environment where every individual is treated with openness and respect. We will integrate occupational health and safety aspects into all decisions and activities, continually striving for improvement, whether it be organizational, social, or physical. We achieve this through:

  • Making occupational health and safety an inherent part of everything we do.
  • Conducting occupational health and safety work collaboratively among employers, employees, and safety representatives.
  • Ensuring that managers and supervisors have/attain the right knowledge, skills, resources, and authority to promote a good and safe work environment.
  • Providing all employees with the introduction and training they need to work safely and healthily.
  • Regularly, and in times of change, examining and risk assessing both our physical and organizational/social work environment to take the necessary actions to create a secure and safe workplace.
  • Reporting and investigating all incidents and accidents so that corrective actions can be taken.
  • Annually monitoring our systematic occupational health and safety work.
  • Having clear and visible leadership with respect and care for each employee.
  • Implementing collective protective measures that suit everyone primarily, while also adapting to individual abilities based on requirements and conditions.
  • Continuously striving for everyone to undergo competence development aimed at professional growth and promoting a healthy work environment.



PWS meets the strictest requirements for quality assurance and certification.

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