4-Wheeled containers

400 L
500 L
660 L
770 L
1000 L
1000 L split

Stable, ergonomic and easy to transport


PWS waste containers are designed for good ergonomics, both for the cleaner and the user

PWS 4-wheeled containers are easy to transport with sturdy, grip-friendly handles and pivotal wheels. Two of the wheels have a brake. If you want to move the brake wheels, it is easy to arrange. If you do not want the wheels to swing, they can be equipped with a barrier block.

PWS offers different types of wheels for different possible use. For example, the PWS has wheels that are designed for extra high loads and wheels that are adapted for higher speed transport. For sensitive and light floors there are wheels with white rubber paths.

For internal transport of large amounts of waste, in hospitals or industries, multiple 4-wheel containers can be paired with PWS train coupling set, which is securely and easily screwed to the wheels on the containers.


Upgrade with selectable additions

All PWS-containers can be ordered with selectable additions or easily upgraded after delivery. For 4-wheeled container there is Ergolock (lock-in-lock), which limits the volume of waste by having smaller inserts.

The 660 liter vessel can be supplemented with a divider, which allows room for two fractions in each container.



Customized material selection

Proper material selection is important for the containers to keep for winter climates and emptying of solid-frozen waste. PWS has a long experience in developing containers, adapting design, materials and thickness to the high demands placed on containers in the Nordic region. PWS has therefore chosen high-quality HDPE plastic, which has been tested and approved for temperatures from -40 ° to + 80 ° C.

The weight of the cover prevents it from blowing up and the design makes rainwater easy to drain.



Easy to empty

The PWS containers are designed to meet the demands of a good working environment. The containers are slightly tapered, smooth and have rounded corners to facilitate drainage and cleaning. The lifting edge is designed according to the standard to suit most rear and side load cleaning vehicles.

>> Brochure for 2-, 3- and 4-wheel containers (pdf)