Nice and smooth

Minicollector is a semi-underground system. This means that it is about 40 cm under ground, with all the advantages it means to keep waste underground. An advantage is that the soil stays even and cool, regardless of the season, which minimizes the risk of bad odors. Minicollector offers a highly efficient and economical waste sorting system, with 30x30 cm insert. Suitable for storing food waste.


Functional for every environment

Minicollector's development is based on long experience of rational waste management where user-friendliness, safety, durability and fire safety are important, as well as integration into the surrounding environment.

There are great opportunities for customizing color choices with regard to the existing environment. Minicollector can be equipped with different types of locks, both mechanical and electronic for tag.


Simple and long lasting

The installation is smooth and the system has a stable construction. Minicollector has a very long service life with minimal maintenance and low maintenance costs.