Do your old containers require refurbishment?

Replace or update your old containers with modern, stylish, and secure alternatives from PWS!

  • More attractive: Elevate your surroundings with sleek containers.

  • Less odorous: Avoid unpleasant smells with our efficient solutions.
  • Better for sanitation staff: Efficient handling that facilitates emptying and meets high safety standards (EN 13071).
  • Saves on groundwork and installation: Efficient solutions that reduce costs for tasks such as groundwork and installation.
We offer several modernization solutions to upgrade your older containers to both more stylish and secure alternatives

Luowia - Quick and easy installation with a new top lid featuring a selected chute, new lifting system, new lifting bag, or lifting container.

Are you aware that starting from January 1, 2027, the sorting of packaging will be mandatory?

Instead of just renovating the containers for food waste and residual waste, you should consider adding more fractions. The Blok2 container can be divided to accommodate full sorting, taking up minimal space for this purpose.

Instead of just updating the containers for food waste and residual waste, you should consider including more sorting options. Blok2 is built with modules, where each module can handle up to six fractions. By dividing the Blok2 container, you can ensure that there is enough space for complete sorting while taking up minimal space.

In the image below, you can see an example with 4 modules and 8 fractions (one module with one fraction, two modules with two fractions each, and one module with three fractions).

Blok2 - Replace the containers for full sorting with eight waste fractions divided into modules! One module can be divided into as many as six fractions.

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