Finncont Blok2

Flexible and Space-Saving Bottom-Emptying Container

The Finncont® Blok2 waste collection system is an innovative recycling solution designed to be placed underground. The system consists of flexible modules and can be easily customized to meet specific needs. Unlike other waste collection systems on the market, each module in the Blok2 container can be divided into up to six different sections, allowing for the collection of multiple types of waste in a minimal space. Key advantages:


  • Adaptable or reconfigurable as needed on each occasion.
  • The module can be divided into 1-6 fractions.


  • Possesses some of the best technical features on the market.


  • Approved according to Standard EN 13071.


  • Ensures the hygiene of sanitation workers during the emptying of the bio-container by minimizing direct contact with the waste.
  • Protective collar effectively prevents pests from penetrating while simultaneously preventing waste from falling between the inner and outer containers.

A sustainable recycling system:

  • Built in modules.
  • Adaptable to changing sorting requirements or waste volumes.
  • Optimized container volume minimizes emptying fees.
  • 100% recyclable.
Blok2 container