Collection and recycling of containers


Organized, flexible and efficiently

PWS takes care of old containers, usually when new containers are distributed. The containers are cleaned and grind down. The recycled granulate is used to manufacture new containers in our own factories in Germany and France.

PWS began early with its environmental policy and using high quality recycled material for the manufacture of containers. So far our parent company ESE has collected and recycled over four million old containers. This means that we are already meeting the targets for future European waste directives.

This has enabled us to become the leading supplier in the market for organized collections of old containers. Our range of container collection services includes planning, user information and implementation. We offer efficient and smooth handling. During the collection we can also use our mobile recycling units that take care of old containers immediately and on-site grind them into granules in an environmentally friendly manner.

>> Leaflet about collection of containers

HDPE can be recycled at least ten times