Why Bio Select?


Well documented

The Bio Select system has been well proven and documented through cooperation with all the municipalities that introduced the system.


Reduces the risk of bad odor

Bio Select system has an intermediate floor that helps to dry the food waste. This reduces the risk of bad odor during the summer.


Reduces the risk of solid-frozen waste

With the Bio Select system, an intermediate floor dries the food waste easier. This helps to reduce the risk of the freezing of the waste in the containers.


The addition Biohyllan increases the effect

It's really good if the Bio Select system is supplemented with Biohyllan, which allows food waste bags to freeze in pieces in the winter and dry individually in the summer.


Good ergonomics

The PWS containers are designed to meet the demands of a good working environment. The containers has good driving characteristics with two large wheels for easy tilting of the container and rolling easily despite full load. Handy grip with plenty of space for your hands makes it easier to move.


Manage the Nordic climate

The Bio Select system has been developed to meet Nordic conditions, with the right material selection and thickness of the goods (approved for temperatures from -40 ° to + 80 ° C), which can handle emptying even for solid-frozen waste. Even the right construction is important for stability and durability.


Easy to empty

The containers are slightly conical and have rounded corners to facilitate drainage / cleaning. The lifting edge is designed according to the standard to suit most rear and side load cleaning vehicles.