How Bio Select works

Bio Select-system have good ventilation


Good ventilation provides drier food waste

Due to the good ventilation of the Bio Select system, the food waste will dry more easily. With a drier food waste, the risk of bad odor in the summer is reduced, as is the risk of solid-free waste in the winter.

Valves optimize ventilation

Two valves in the bottom of the container and the bottom floor provide optimal ventilation. The middle bottom is folded up when emptying. The containers can also be delivered with punched sides for increased ventilation. Rubber distances provide quiet closing of the lid and ventilation of the container.

Combiolock for paper bags

Select the addition Combiolock with integrated bag holder for easy-to-use paper bag.

Biohyllan dries and freezes the food waste

In the food waste a biodegradation occurs which results in heat, moisture and condensation. A damp trash can easily settle in the container in winter and make it difficult to empty. Therefore, PWS has developed Biohyllan, which is easily mounted on new and existing containers. Biohyllan dryer and freezer food waste. You place the paper bag with food waste on the Bio shelf in the container, where it is stored and freezer before it is released into the container. During the summer months, Biohyllan is used to dry the bag. Container hygiene is improved and the weight of the waste is reduced. When the container is to be emptied, Biohyllan is automatically folded up to prevent emptying.