Bottom emptying waste systems

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PWS offers several different bottom emptying waste systems that have both above- and underground containers.

The systems with underground containers have many advantages. Among other things, there can be a lot of waste on a small surface, when the waste is stored underground. When the waste is stored in the cool environment of an underground container, the risk of bad odors is reduced. Instead of garbage room, you can integrate well-designed indoor houses in a discreet way in the outdoor environment. Maintenance requirements are reduced and the need for garbage bags and heating will disappear, which contributes to a more favorable economy, compared with traditional waste rooms. Examples of underground containers are UWS and BAGIO.


Brochures about UWS and BAGIO

>> You will find our little "easy-to-read brochure" about UWS and Bagio here.

>> You can find our A4 broschure about UWS here.

>> You can find our A4 brochure about Bagio here.

PWS bottom emptying systems are available with different lifting systems. Mushroom/Kinshofer, single- and double hook.