Waste systems for recycling

Waste systems developed for Nordic conditions

PWS is the market leader in the Nordic region within temporary storage solutions for waste and recyclable materials. With long experience and thorough knowledge, we know what is required for Nordic conditions. We offer a large selection of high quality products and services that help our customers in the waste management industry to rationalize their processes and achieve their sustainability goals.

We offer solutions, not just products

PWS offers different types of systems and containers, with well thought-out ergonomics, for efficient and well-functioning waste recycling. The standard range includes 2-, 3- and 4-wheeled containers from 80 to 1100 liters. All containers are developed with regards to ergonomics, safety and work environment.

Combio and Bio Select are ventilating containers specially designed to handle food waste, which can often be moist. Quattro Select is a system that accommodates four factions on a small space and collection at the plot.

PWS undertakes to deliver innovative, durable products together with good customer service. We offer a wide range of services throughout the container's entire life span:

  • Planning
  • Data Collection
  • Distribution
  • Repair, maintenance and cleaning
  • Financial services 
  • Collection and recycling


We optimize waste management

PWS offers optimization of container use through

  • Lifecycle management
  • Lifetime of the product

PWS offers product development for new market demands through

  • use of recycled material
  • development of containers sizes to match current waste volumes
  • Costomized solutions to enable customers to meet requirements
  • to help customers meet the sustainability goals


Easy to upgrade, complete and customize

PWS is constantly working to improve and develop containers and systems to rationalize waste management. The containers can be ordered in standard version and later easily upgraded with accessories, for even better operation. They can also be equipped with accessories already at the time of delivery.

PWS has great opportunities to meet customer wishes and customize containers through, among other things, design, identification, coloring and labeling.


Meets sustainability goals

PWS aims to reduce CO2-emissions to the minimum possible amount. We manufacture geographically close to our customers and optimize transports and design our products so that they are recyclable.

 According to the latest EU directive, introduced in December 2010, reuse and recycling of materials are the most important requirements of the updated national waste management regulations. PWS works for a hundred percent reuse of materials and accessories in used containers.