Finncont Luowia

Secure Container with Impressive Capacity

The Finncont® Luowia waste collection system is the secure and stylish choice when you need an efficient waste system with significant capacity. The round Luowia containers are available in both above-ground and underground models to meet all your needs.

Key Features:

  • Various sizes from 600 liters up to 5000 liters.
  • Different mounting options, either with installation depths of 0.5 meters or 1.5 meters, or as surface-mounted.
  • Option for divided containers to collect multiple fractions.
  • Tested according to the EN 13071 standard for safety and quality.
  • Various cladding options.
  • The entry hatch can be manually or electronically locked as needed.
  • For food waste collection, an internal hygienic lifting container in hard plastic is used.
Luowia Deep
Luowia Short
Luowia Surface