Sand container

The sand container is the optimal solution for efficient storage of sand, perfect for quick and easy sanding of walkways, sidewalks, and areas around properties, roads, and squares. Available in two sizes – either 220 or 600 liters – the sand container offers flexibility and capacity according to needs.

The container is robust and resistant, made of rotation-molded polyethylene with UV stabilization. Designed for easy movement with a forklift, it saves time and increases efficiency in the sanding process.

The sand container is designed to meet the demands and needs of everyday life, and its construction ensures that you have a reliable solution for sand storage and snow removal.



  • A handy sand container for stylish storage of sand and gravel
  • It’s durable material guarantees operation even in demanding conditions
  • The design of the lid restricts the gathering of water and snow to the container
  • Suitable for different environments

220 L

  • Volume: 220 L
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Material: Polyeten
  • Dimensions: h x b x d: 630 x 1130 x 750 mm


660 L

  • Volume: 660 liter
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Material: Polyeten
  • Dimensions: h x b x d: 870 x 1440 x 960 mm



  • Can be fitted with a locking plate.


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