Mobile waste containers from PWS

Designed for the future

2- och 3-Wheeld containers
4-wheeled containers
Selectable additions


Waste containers designed for the future

PWS offers different types of systems and waste containers, with good ergonomics, for efficient and well-functioning waste sorting. PWS takes into account all aspects of its design work, logistics, waste disposal, emptying and handling, health, ergonomics and safety aspects.

The standard range includes 2-, 3- and 4-wheeled waste containers from 80 to 1000 liters. All containers are developed with regard to ergonomics, safety and work environment.

Combio and Bio Select are a ventilating containers specially designed to handle food waste, which can often be moist. Quattro Select is a system that accommodates four factions on a small surface and pick up at the site boundary.

Our containers comply with all applicable European and national standards and they are certified according to the highest quality standards worldwide, RAL‑GZ 951/1


Containers endure the Nordic climate

Proper material selection is important for the containers to endure the winter climates and emptying of solid-frozen waste. PWS has more than 30 years of experience in developing waste containers and adapting the design, materials and thickness of the goods to the high demands placed on waste containers in the Nordic region. PWS has therefore chosen high-quality HDPE plastic, which has been tested and approved for temperatures from -40 ° to + 80 ° C. The containers has a well-balanced center of gravity, even when it is loaded. Both the wheel axle of steel and the construction gives the container stability. The weight of the cover prevents it from blowing up and the design makes rainwater easy to drain.

PWS steel containers are specially developed for factory and workshop environments, where untender handling and waste with fire risk make additional demands on material selection.


Easy to empty

The PWS containers are designed to meet the demands of a good working environment. The containers are slightly tapered, smooth and have rounded corners to facilitate drainage and cleaning. The lifting edge is designed according to the standard to suit most rear and side loaded cleaning vehicles.


Easy to upgrade and complete

PWS is constantly working to improve and develop waste containers and systems to rationalize waste management. The containers can be ordered in standard version and later easily upgraded with selectable additions, for even better operation. They can also be equipped with accessories already at the time of delivery.


All possibilities to customize waste containers

PWS has great opportunities to meet wishes and customize waste containers through, among other things, design, identification, coloring and labeling. We also have products for public furnishing indoors.


Advantages of HDPE

PWS manufactures high quality HDPE containers, which have many important advantages:

  • environmentally friendly
  • a long lifespan
  • can be recycled
  • solid-frozen safe
  • chemically resistant
  • high UV-resistant
  • sustainability in production and supply chain

PWS takes its responsibility to preserve natural resources, including a reduction in CO2 emissions and energy savings in the production of plastic containers. The decades of experience and development have resulted in an effective recycling technique. Robust products are a priority and PWS believes that a well-designed construction along with material optimization results in the high quality of our products.

Components can be replaced and easy maintenance makes the products persistent.
EN 840 and RAL certification guarantee the highest quality. With its own production in Northern Europe, along with an optimized delivery strategy, fuel consumption for transport reduces.



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