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Ingela Morfeldt, Project Manager, VA SYD


An overall experience gave us security

"In May-October 2019, in the City of Malmö and Burlöv Municipality, we have delivered more than 52,000 Quattro Select containers to our customers. PWS has been responsible for logistics in an efficient and smooth way when they retrieve old food and waste containers, and assembled and delivered new containers to all households.

Thanks to PWS's past experience, we felt safe throughout the project. In addition to the new containers, we chose to distribute the large electronic box to all our customers. When we attended the Villa fair in Malmö and showcased the containers and the box, visitors from other municipalities wished that they also received the same service when they received their containers.

Already a month after the last container was put out, it turned out that 40% of the residual waste was reduced. We are also extremely happy and grateful that 95% of the households have joined the system. This means that more material can be sorted out and recycled in the future."


VA SYD is one of Sweden's largest water and waste management organizations that invests in sustainable wastewater treatment and operates on environmentally smart solutions in the community building. In the industry, they aim to be one of Europe's most modern and effective organizations. VA SYD's operations are up and running 24/7, have half a million customers and turnover one billion a year.

Marcus Norrman, Project Manager / Strategist, Renhållningen Kristianstad


99 % chose Quattro Select 

“We in Kristianstad believe that sorting all the fractions at the source is the best for the environment and that four fraction bins provide a very good service to our customers. In 2017, the change of collection system started, which included over 48,000 vessels to over 24,000 customers in both villas and holiday homes. We customized the tariff and we now have an access rate of over 99%.

The entire distribution project of old and new containers was fully managed by PWS. After careful planning and inventory and coordinating the containers, the assembly / distribution of new containers and the collection / dismantling of old vessels were handled in a very good and successful manner by PWS.

We see today that the amount of residual waste has decreased and that we now have less residual waste than food waste. We also see very clean fractions that can easily move on to recycling. Many people in the municipality experience the system as positive after it has been going on for a while and that they are above all accustomed to how to sort and for example fill the containers in the best way. Many of our customers have become much better at sorting out, above all, plastic and paper packaging, which in previous pick analyzes have shown to have ended up in the residual waste.

In Kristianstad, we also decided that customers would receive PWS's large electric box (9 liters) to easily supply even light sources, batteries and smaller electronics. We feel that the electric box is very much appreciated and as a good extra service, eg. for those who do not have easy access to a recycling center. "


Renhållningen Kristianstad is Sweden's oldest municipal disposal company with sights set on the future. They work actively to develop the collection of household waste in Kristianstad. The goal is to provide Kristianstad's residents with a high level of service, focusing on economy, environmental benefits and accessibility.

Katharina Olin, Waste Planner at the Technical Unit, Bromölla Municipality


Bromölla municipality is a small municipality in north-eastern of Skåne and thus surrounded by municipalities that already have four-compartment bins. The advantage of this is that we have been able to benefit from experiences both from them and from the many others who introduced the system before us. This meant security when the choice fell on PWS and Quattro Select. The recognition factor among our municipal residents was high when the bins began to roll out.

PWS has, on behalf of Bromölla municipality, managed the entire distribution project, both with assembly, deployment of the new bins and recycling of old end-of-life bins. Everyone involved in the project has done a very good job and we are very satisfied with both the work and the treatment.

In Bromölla, we chose to deploy the Quattro Select bins to all villas and holiday homes, which means about 4,000 subscribers and 8,000 bins.

Our municipal residents have long wondered when the new bins would arrive, and the reactions have many times been - Finally we have got our new bins!

We have not had the Quattro Select containers for so long, but we feel that the sorting of food waste has improved, which in turn means that the residual waste is reduced. It is exciting to see if the result will be what we hope for. 



Fredric Andersson, Waste Coordinator Upplands-Bro Municipality and Patrik Magnusson, Operations Manager Sigtuna water and sanitation


In the autumn of 2020, four-compartment bins were introduced for home and holiday home owners in the municipalities of Håbo, Knivsta, Sigtuna and Upplands-Bro. The introduction of a new collection system for waste ended up in the introduction of four-compartment containers as a joint investigation showed that four-compartment containers were the best alternative based on collection results, environmental and customer perspectives.

For almost 3 months (October to December 2020), PWS helped us deploy 42,000 four-compartment containers to 21,000 subscribers. In a close collaboration between the municipalities, the sanitation contractor and PWS, it was possible to maintain a deployment rate of 900 bins per day.

PWS was responsible for the logistics of the deployment procedure, which involved assembling containers, deploy new four-compartment containers and recycling the subscribers' old waste bins. PWS performed and handled the logistics in a very professional way.

Effects of four-compartment bins

  • Thanks to the reverse choice (which means that four-compartment bins were deployed to all subscribers) and the design of the new tariff, the connection rate was over 98 percent.
  • Residual waste has decreased significantly as increased sorting has led to a reduction in the amount of material that only goes to incineration. Experience from other municipalities shows that households' sorting of waste has increased markedly when it is easy to dispose of their sorted waste, which we have also seen in our municipalities.
  • The new four-compartment containers and collection close to the home have contributed to increasing household awareness of the benefits of source sorting.

Håbo, Knivsta, Sigtuna and Upplands-Bro municipalities cooperate through a collaboration agreement regarding waste issues. The collaboration is unique in its kind as the municipalities have neither formed a new joint company nor union. Each municipality is an independent player. The collaboration is based on collaboration, which leads to a cost-effective comprehensive solution within waste and recycling in all four municipalities. 


Lars-Erik Andersson Federal Director, SÅM


The introduction of the Quattro Select four-compartment bins has worked very well at SÅM. The experience that PWS had was for us very valuable in this work. We are a young organization and at the introduction we had new and partially inexperienced staff. The experience and knowledge that PWS had from previous deployments greatly facilitated our work. Even at the initial contact with PWS, they knew what was required from our registers for everything to work well. Throughout the journey with the introduction, mainly before the deployment of the bins, we have had regular meetings where we were able to agree that we were in phase. 

Sorting directly at the source is the best method for maintaining the purity of the material and Quattro Select enables this, while we can offer a high level of service to our subscribers where it is easy for them to do the right thing. Today we have about 22,500 subscribers and twice as many bins, where we also see that the number increases steadily as more people discover the benefits of Quattro Select. The connection rate with us today is about 87%, a good figure even if our ambition is to be even higher. The degree of connection indicates that the vast majority are satisfied or very satisfied with the system, even those who before the introduction were somewhat skeptical about, above all, the size of the bins, are now satisfied. In addition to the benefits for our subscribers, a project like this has also made it possible for us to create more order in our registers, which is very good for the entire business and means that our contractors get a good basis for the emptying rides. 

We see what a big change has taken place in the material flows since the introduction. Incineration has decreased by 40% in 2020 compared to 2018 and we emptied about 14,000 electronics boxes, an option that proved to be much appreciated. From 2021, we have also joined the last of our four member municipalities in Quattro Select. When talking to subscribers, many are surprised at how much packaging they generate and hopefully in the long run this will lead to demands being made on producers for better and more sustainable packaging. 

SÅM stands for Samverkan Återvinning Miljö and is a municipal association that was jointly formed by Gislaved, Gnosjö, Vaggeryd and Värnamo municipalities. SÅM aims to reuse or recycle all waste that is generated as far as possible in order to contribute to a long-term future.


Cecilia Holmblad, Sanitation Manager, NSR


Source sorting increased with Quattro Select

"Already in 2003, we gave customers in Helsingborg the opportunity to choose between the Quattro Select system and duo select containers. 98% of the households chose Quattro Select and are very satisfied, which we see as a receipt that it is a well-functioning system. The waste sorting increased and the total amount of waste decreased. We believe that sorting at home as well as information in connection with the introduction has heightened customers' environmental awareness. Now we have the system also in Båstad, Bjuv and Åstorp. You can place the containers wherever you want, because they are easy to move when it's time for emptying. "

NSR AB (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB) is owned by the municipalities of Bjuv, Båstad, Helsingborg, Höganäs, Åstorp and Ängelholm, and is a collection and processing company for recycling, with a number of recycling centers. In Bjuv, Åstorp, Helsingborg and Båstad, NSR is responsible for the cleaning and service of the municipality residents. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste and increase recycling, and to collect waste collectively.

Bengt Svensson, CEO, MERAB


We got help to distribute

"MERAB introduced the Quattro Select system and PWS was commissioned to distribute 26000 containers to 13000 subscribers. By exporting our data file to PWS computer systems, the distributor, using a handheld computer, was able to have complete track on koordinats, tags and barcodes. In this way, the containers could be tied to the respective subscriber in connection with the distribution and we received an updated data file, with aggregate information. Everything worked according to plan and the implementation was extremely smooth. We could concentrate on our ongoing tasks. "

MERAB is a waste and recycling company jointly owned by the municipalities of Eslöv, Hörby and Höör. MERAB is responsible for the operation of six recycling centers and collection of household waste in the owner municipalities.

In the autumn of 2012, PWS 26000 distributed new Quattro Select containers in Eslöv, Hörby and Höör for three months, on behalf of MERAB.

Dan Ohlsson, Operations Manager Bälinge waste facility, Alingsås


Positive for all parties

"Here in Alingsås, we decided to offer all the villas, the Quattro Select system. We have chosen to introduce it step by step, for different areas. In the first step, 40% of households reported their interest within a week and just over a year later, 70% had Quattro Select. We only face positive response. Everyone is very happy and expresses that 'it's so nice, just to go out and leave the garbage, then you come and pick it up'. The households in the later areas of the planning have heard about the system and are already requesting Quattro Select. It is fun with such projects, where it is so positive for all parties. "

Bälinge Waste Facility takes care of Alingsås residents waste and sends flammable to combustion in district heating plants as well as food waste for biogas treatment. The municipality has 7 700 villas, all of which will be offered the opportunity to get the Quattro Select system during the 2012-2012 implementation. The goal is to reduce the amount of combustible waste by increasing the source of the organic waste and removing the waste and packaging from the combustible. This has been significantly improved since the introduction of the Quattro Select system.

Cathrine Edholm, Sanitation Engineer, Härnösand Energi & Miljö AB

Well proven system

"The municipality of Härnösand made a decision to replace waste systems, to sort out food waste and reduce combustible waste. The choice fell on Quattro Select from PWS - a system that feels safe, as it is used by many municipalities and is well documented. 65% of the subscribers chose the new multipack system and the rest retained the old containers and supplemented with a container for food waste. The Quattro Select system reduces the combustible fraction, which we have confirmed in connection with analyzes. PWS has helped us with valuable tips and advice as well as assembly, ID marking, distribution of new containers and collection of old ones. Their organization has managed the entire process very smoothly and efficiently, which we think has been positive. "

About the company: Härnösand Energi och Miljö AB, HEMAB, is a municipal company that serves the municipality's inhabitants with the collection and recycling of waste, district heating and wind power, water and sewers, as well as urban networks and electricity.

About the project: During five weeks in May and June 2014, PWS distributed new Quattro Select systems in Härnösand municipality on behalf of Härnösand Energi och Miljö AB. The subscribers who chose to keep their old containers were given a complementary Bio Select container, specially developed by PWS for food waste.

Ilkka Letonsaari, Logistics manager

Lakeuden Etappi, Spot service

At Lakeuden Etappi, a thorough background investigation was carried out before the decision to switch to PWS four-compartment containers.

17 alternative models were examined for waste collection implementation, evaluating separate collection rates, costs, emissions, uniformity, and service experience. In the innovative SPOT service, PWS Quattro Select containers are now utilized for packaging waste collection in properties with 3-9 apartments. The collection commenced as scheduled in July 2023, with containers distributed to 1300 households.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Recycled material quality has been excellent, and customers have expressed surprise at the significant reduction in incinerated waste. In 2024, the SPOT service will see expansion to approximately 15,000 containers, with biowaste and combustible waste collection extending to properties with 1-4 apartments, employing Duo Select containers.

The transition to two-compartment containers will be phased in across the entire region, with completion anticipated by the spring of 2026.