Lill-Glas is an easily operated glass recycling container for collecting glass and is suitable for many different environments,

for example, ferries, hospitals, household-related environments, large kitchens, arenas, events, public bath and schools. 

Item number: see further down the page

Technical data

  • Volume: 0,8 m3
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Material: Rotational molded polyethylene
  • Dimensions: h x w x d: 1620 x 990 x 805 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 160 mm
  • Emptying system: 2-hook system

Standard for Lill glass:

  • Round insert, approx. 153 mm in diameter
  • Wheels


  • Square insert 260x160 mm
  • Bricks instead of wheels


Green, White, Grey


Quotation request

Item number


Lill-glas grey, wheels, round throw-in: 3000280

Lill-glas grey, bricks, round throw-in: 3000281

Lill-glas grey, wheels, rectangular throw-in: 3000280/REKT INKAST

Lill-glas grey, bricks, rectangular throw-in: 3000281/REKT INKAST



Lill-glas green, wheels, round throw-in: 3000180

Lill-glas green, bricks, round throw-in: 3000181

Lill-glas green, wheels, rectangular throw-in: 3000180/REKT INKAST

Lill-glas green, bricks, rectangular throw-in: 3000181/REKT INKAST



Lill-glas white, wheels, round throw-in: 3000080

Lill-glas white, bricks, round throw-in: 3000081

Lill-glas white, wheels, rectangular throw-in: 3000080/REKT INKAST

Lill-glas white, bricks, rectangular throw-in: 3000081/REKT INKAST



Lillglas on bricks