How Quattro Select works


Waste sorting with the containers of possibilities

The customer sorts one's waste into a total of 8 different fractions in two containers. The 8 fractions are possible by mounting the inputed containers and dividers inside the containers. The system is usually based on two containers, which can be adapted to the customer's needs and wishes. The Quattro Select system is a very flexible system, which can be easily modified as the needs change to accommodate different fractions and different amounts. The drainage intervals vary between every 14 days and every 4 weeks.

Common fractions are:

  • metal
  • uncoloured, colored or mixed glass
  • paper packaging
  • plastic packaging
  • newspapers
  • food waste
  • residual waste
  • small electronic devices
  • textile




Collection without manual lift with individual compression

The containers are retrieved at the boundary of the building plot by a 4-bin garbage truck. The collection vehicles with built-in cabinets are currently very reliable and delivered by NTM. Thanks to the third wheel of the container, they are very easy to maneuver both at the place of retrival and at the container lift.

The four fractions of the container are emptied in one and the same operation. A cycle is started with a button press and does not differ from emptying in single or two-compartment vehicles. The insert lift raise the input containers and put them back automatically, something that only takes insignificantly longer. The emptying takes place in one operation. The input containers are lifted and the container itself are also lifted.

The system result in that retrieving staff does not need to manual lift anything. The 4-bin garbage truck lifts the entire containers and empties all four fractions in a cycle. Other traffic is not prevented because the containers are emptied behind the vehicle. It takes about 20 seconds to empty four fractions.

The waste compartments have individual compression, which means that you can, for example, choose to compress fractions like plastic and paper packages, but not glass. When empty, the tailgate opens to the sides. Each compartment is emptied separately. The total volume is 20.7 cubic meters, which corresponds to approximately 300 households.