Developed in the Nordic region for Nordic conditions


Designed to cope with strict winter cold

PWS works close to its market and is well aware of the effects the Nordic climate has on products, such as waste containers. Our climate exposes the products to great strains. Among other things, the containers must be at low temperatures in combination with the load they are exposed to when emptying solid waste. PWS has long experience in developing rational waste management products and adapts the design, materials and thickness of the goods to the high demands made in the Nordic region.


Carefully selected material

Proper choice of materials is important for the products to keep for winter climates and emptying of solid-frozen waste. Therefore, materials are carefully chosen for PWS products based on long experience and knowledge of the Nordic climate and the challenges that follow in its traces.

Among other things, all PWS containers are made of high quality and stable HDPE plastic in a quality specially adapted for the Nordic climate. The HDPE plastic is tested and approved for temperatures from -40 ° to + 80 ° C. The container has a well-balanced center of gravity, even when it is loaded. Both the wheel axle of steel and the container construction gives the container stability. The weight of the cover prevents it from blowing up and the design makes rainwater easy to drain.

The underground systems are constructed of materials that are well-dimensioned for the environment they are placed with galvanized metal components. The public-purpose paper baskets are designed to cope with the tough outdoor environment all year round and our waste sorting furniture has durable surfaces that are easy to keep clean.

It is everyday that products from PWS show their correct qualities and why well-thought-out design and well-balanced materials selection are crucial for sustainability.