Waste and sustainability - how are they connected?


PWS takes responsibility for the environment and protects natural resources

PWS develops efficient, thought-out and well-functioning systems and waste management and recycling products. Through its outstanding development work, PWS contributes to wide-ranging environmental work when developing products that radically increase the ability to recycle materials. Today we stand by the fact that the term "waste" has a different meaning and has gone from "garbage" to "resources".

When manufacturing new plastic containers, PWS deliberately works to reduce CO2 emissions and to save energy. This is achieved by using recycled materials in production based on decades of experience and development.


Developed to last in the Nordic climate

The durability of our products is paramount; Modular design and material optimization reinforce the quality of our products. Durable products are created by optimal design, based on computer simulation and experience. The ability to replace individual components as well as easy-to-use design helps our products have a long life cycle.

PWS works close to its market and is well aware of the effects the Nordic climate has on waste containers. Our climate exposes the waste containers to severe strains. The containers must handle low temperatures in combination with the load the containers are exposed to when emptying solid-frozen waste. PWS has a long experience in developing containers, adapting design, materials and thickness to the high demands placed on containers in the Nordic region. Therefore, all PWS containers are made of stable and strong HDPE plastic, in a quality specially adapted for the Nordic climate.

The PWS containers meet all European standards and are certified in accordance with the highest quality standard in the world, RAL-GZ 951/1. On some containers we guarantee the double standardized load.


Effective transport

Having factories in different locations in Europe, close to the markets, is a conscious strategy to reduce transport distances for finished containers. All PWS containers are manufactured in our own factory in Germany, Europe's northernmost container manufacturer. The containers are sent to our central warehouse in Sweden and then delivered to the Nordic region. An optimized delivery strategy not only provides environmental savings in transport but also increases efficiency.