Hazardous Waste Systems

IBC for hazardous fluid waste
IBC for solid materials
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Increasing demands on hazardous waste management

The Environmental Code, local cleaning regulations and regulations for handling chemical products place increasing demands on companies handling hazardous waste. The consequences of inadequate handling can be costly, both economically and in terms of good will. PWS are experts in equipment and handling of all types of waste within hazardous waste. We provide suitable containers for all users.

The requirement for UN-approved packaging is only valid for the transport of dangerous goods. If required for intermediate storage, sorting and internal handling, please refer to our other containers and sorting trolleys.


What counts as hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is material or objects that because of it's qualities or state during transport or storage, may endanger public safety, environment and lives as well as human and animal health, if handled or stored incorrectly.  

PWS have what you need

Fuel, lubricants, fuel oil or hazardous waste substances are used in all types of industries. They can quickly develop and pose a hazard under certain circumstances or at certain temperatures. Therefore, it is important that these substances are handled correctly. In order to ensure that the operations work smoothly, it is important that the unit used for the storage of hazardous substances not only complies with the safety regulations but also has the required permits.

PWS meets the customers very diverse and individual needs, with a wide and varied range of containers for intermediate storage of hazardous waste. With long experience and broad competence, we have every opportunity to help you find the right product in order to properly and efficiently interfere with hazardous waste. 

>> Brochure about containers for hazardous waste (pdf)