What is Bio Select?


Reduces fluid and odor

The PWS containers are designed for good ergonomics, both for the collector and the user. Bio Select is developed to solve the problems that arise with moist food waste.

BioSelect is available in two sizes, 140 and 240 liters. The containers have bottom valves that help to dry the waste. In winter, the risk of frozen food waste is reduced and in the summer the risk of bad odors is reduced. It's really good if Bio Select is supplemented with Biohyllan, which allows food waste to freeze in pieces in the winter and to dry in the summer.


Good ergonomics and working environment

The PWS container are designed to meet the demands of a good working environment. PWS has developed Combiolock for Bio Select. The Combiolocket has an integrated sack holder. The container has large wheels with good driving characteristics and is easy to tip over when moving. The sturdy, grip-friendly handle is designed for plenty of space between handles and containers.

Bio Select and Biohyllan contribute to a better working environment, with reduced risk of bad odors. The containers are slightly conical and have rounded corners to facilitate drainage / cleaning. The lifting edge is designed according to the standard to suit most rear and side load cleaning vehicles.


Effective additions

The bio container is available in 140 liters by default, and in 240 liters on request. For an even more efficient system, there are various options for Bio Select, which can be combined freely according to the customer's needs and wishes.

Upgrade the Bio Select with the optional Bio Shelf (Biohyllan), rubber spacers for the lid for even better ventilation and silencing, side valves, punched sides and the bottom bottom. The most common Bio Select container has rubber distances in the lid, the middle bottom and two wings in the bottom of the container and punched sides.