PureColour® Grey of the day

An environmental responsibility creates not just one - but several shades of grey

We are prouder than ever that the shades on the bins vary. Every day a new shade of gray. It is the difference that makes the difference. The visible variation is proof of a sustainable production with 100% recycling.


Gray of the day is proof of recycling

From the beginning, we manufactured our waste bins with completely new plastic. Small amounts of paint gave the bins exactly the color that corresponded to our color code.

Today, we manufacture waste bins from 100% recycled plastic that retain colors from previous dyeing. It requires more color additives to give the bins the right color. The bins are recycled several times. For each time, the additives must be increased to reproduce the correct color.

But now we know that the bins can be recycled 10 times without quality degradation but it requires a clean life cycle without color additives. With zero additives and careful sorting, our containers remain grey.


PURECOLOUR® Gray of the day keeps the plastic clean to be recycled for generations to come.

• 100% recycled containers

• No additives

• The bins can be recycled at least 10 times



By using basic dark gray containers in combination with colored lids or Clips, you simplify your container management, optimize storage and reduce costs. Clips are mounted easily and are available in several colors such as the Nordic standard for fractional color.

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