Campus Goool





Environmentally friendly office furnishings, sustainable office supplies and ecological business strategies are now a natural part of many corporate profiles. This includes waste sorting and recyclable materials in office environments, where not only functionality is important, but also attractive design. Campus Goool's highly efficient product design offers space for three fractions and is a space-saving solution for integration into corridors and office areas.




Campus Goool is a sustainable solution for advanced waste sorting in indoor environments. It is completely recyclable and can be made from recycled material. The high quality of the product ensures a long service life. The components can easily be replaced as needed. Camus Goool offers a solution for efficient waste sorting of multiple fractions, which is more economical and more ecological compared to individual litter bins , which is otherwise common with advanced waste sorting. The improved ability to recycle different fractions results in a higher degree of recyclable material.





Thanks to its well made design, Campus Goool blends into modern office environments. With a variety of materials and specialty colors, it can be adapted to, and melt into, the interior without affecting the office space in s negative way, as many other waste sorting solutions can do. Labeling and stickers can be customized individually on lid and sides, which opens up the opportunity to expose the business's graphic design.



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• A sustainable solution for environment friendly companies

• 100 % recyclable 

• Highest quality for a long lifecycle

• Economic and ergonomic - one single container replaces a large amount of regular litter bins

• Obviously reduced the costs of emptying the waste

• Minimal need of waste bags

• Better utilization of recyclable materials, thanks to higher degree of pure fractions, resulting in a higher degree of recycling

• Manufacturing with 100% recycled material is possible


• Water tight

• Three 45 L inner containers that can be lifted out when needed

• Easily cleaned surface

• The lid has hinges, which can be locked in any optional position

• Easy to move

• Does not hurt the floor

• Easy maintained and hygienic solution

• Delivered in individual boxes - ready to be used


• Different material possibilities 

• Individual labeling

• Possibility of different insertion slots

• Possibility to choose between many different special colours