The cabinet makes it easier to collect hazardous waste from multi-family houses. Accommodation keep their hazardous waste in environmental boxes inside the apartment. When the box is full, it is pushed inside the small door on the side of the cabinet, and then a new empty environment box from the other side of the cabinet will come out. It is not possible to pick out the already submitted environmental box. A security barrier prevents this.

The cabinet is locked and only authorized personnel access the contents of the cabinet.

The cabinet is adapted to the 10-21 liter Environmental Boxes.

>> Brochure about FA-cabinet and boxes for hazardous waste (pdf)

Technical data


1 Shelf

Item number: 8372 100 7016

Weight: 59 kg

Dimensions d x b x h mm: 450 x 1192 x 565

Material: Galvanized steel

Lock: Key


2 shelves

Item number: 8372 200 7016

Weight: 87 kg

Dimensions d x b x h mm: 450 x 1192 x 920

Material: Galvanized steel

Lock: Key


3 shelves

Item number: 8372 300 7016

Weight: 115 kg

Dimensions d x b x h mm: 450 x 1192 x 1277

Material: Galvanized steel

Lock: Key


4 shelves

Item number: 8372 400 7016

Weight: 143 kg

Dimensions d x b x h mm: 450 x 1192 x 1634

Material: Galvanized steel

Lock: Key


5 shelves

Item number: 8372 500 7016

Weight: 171 kg

Dimensions d x b x h mm: 450 x 1192 x 1991

Material: Galvanized steel

Lock: Key



  •  The cabinet can be powder painted in optional RAL color

Galvanized steel



You Will find our A4 brochure about hazardous waste here.


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