Minicollector insert/container

Technical specification

  • Container Gross Volume 820 L
  • Container Net volume approx. 700 L
  • Insert 30x30cm 
  • Customized for food waste with epoxy painted bottom to resist aggressive leaching water
  • Ventilated front, door in back for inspection
  • Double door, possibility to hang the odor elimination plate to minimize odor



  • Various types of locks, both mechanical and electronic with tag
  • Different types of system for emptying; 2-hook or Mushroom lifting system
  • Measurement of the filling level
  • Great opportunity to customize color choices with regard to the existing environment
  • Customized labeling



  • Available in different colors and in Hammarlack
  • Painted surface (effectively hides dust and pollen)


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2-hook lifting system
Mushroom lifting system