Finncont Blok2 insert/container


Technical data

  • Nominell volym: 5 m3
  • Can be divided into 1 to 6 segments.
  • Dimensions W x D (mm): 1580 x 1580 mm Including lid and panel: 1620 x 1620 mm

    • Total height: 2850 ±30 mm depending on the lifting mechanism

  • Installation Depth: 1500 - 1550 mm
  • The glass collection sound power level Lwa: 86 dB(A)±1.5
  • Materials:

    • Body well: Concrete
    • Main lid: Polyethylene

  • Manufactured in accordance with EN13071
  • Complies with norms, relevant standards, and also ISO 21898 and 2000/14/EC


  • Available with three different lifting mechanisms: 1-hook, 2-hook, or Kinshofer
  • Option for dual inserts
  • Inserts can be equipped with mechanical locks or electronic locking for tags/cards


  • Standard steel plate in gray RR 23
  • Naturally anodized aluminum
  • Painted aluminum
  • Composite material in stone gray or black

Quotation request

Technical Data

  • Installed on ground level, on a flat and load-bearing surface
  • Nominal volume: 2.5 m³
  • Can be divided into 1-3 parts
  • Dimensions w x d (mm): 1580 x 1580 mm Including lid and panel: 1620 x 1620 mm
  • Total height: 1350 mm
  • Opening height approx. 1100 mm from the ground
  • Glass collection sound power level Lwa: 94 dB(A) ±1.5
  • Material: container, lid, and insertion hatch in PE
  • Manufactured according to EN13071
  • Meets standards and current regulations as well as ISO 21898 and 2000/14/EC


Possible accesories

  • 1-hook lifting mechanisms
  • Option for dual openings
  • Opening can be equipped with a mechanical lock or electronic locking for tag/card
  • Colors


  • Panels
  • Painted steel, gray
  • Aluminum or painted aluminum (colors in the RAL color chart)
  • Gray or black composite


Request for Quotation

Large Insertion Hatch (1/2, 2/3, 1/1)
Full opening 450x500 mm
Carton opening 450x150 mm
Bottle opening Ø200 mm
Small Insertion Hatch (1/6, 1/3)
Full opening 280x500 mm
Bottle opening Ø200 mm
Right-Hinged Insertion Hatch (1/6)
Enables the use of two oppositely installed 1/6 lifting containers at the end of the row
[Translate to english:] Trumlock (2/3, 1/1)
Nominell volym: 60 l
Fyllningshålets storlek: 330x340 mm

Waste Collection with Container Without Garbage Bag

    • Saves time during emptying
    • Safe and easy to handle
    • Economical alternative thanks to time and cost savings
    • Quiet daily collection thanks to the PE material
    • Tested according to EN13071 standard
    • Sound insulation tested according to directive 2000/14/EC annex III item 22

Lifting options:

    • Surface 1/3 model with 1-hook
    • Deep 1/6 model with 1-hook
    • Deep 1/3 and 1/2 models with 1-hook, 2-hook, or Kinshofer flex
    • Deep 2/3 and 1/1 models with 2-hook or Kinshofer flex




Technical data for architects