How UWS works


Space-saving for large amounts of waste

The bagio has ergonomically designed insert above ground. Underground, buried, there is room for large amounts of waste. The risk of bad odors is minimized and the waste is collected in a bag that can easily be emptied. The waste is compressed by its own weight.


Simple and ergonomic

Bagio is a simple underground system, with all the advantages that Semi-UWS underground systems have; smooth, cool temperature all year round, efficient and economical waste sorting. Bagio has many waste sorting options. For organic waste there is a solid inner container, with liquid collection. Bagio is made of UV resistant, stable gray HDPE plastic. The system has a long service life and requires minimal maintenance. As an option, you can dress the upper container in, for example, impregnated wood.

Bagio is based on a reusable and recyclable waste bin, with double stabilizing walls, where the waste is compressed by its own weight. The system has an automatic, hygienic closing of the insert lid.


Easy to empty

Bagio is equipped with a clever, emptying bag. Because the weight becomes low, no special waste truck is needed. The emptying can be carried out by a person with a standard truck with crane. The bag is lifted out of the container, opened, emptied, sealed and then lifted back into place.

The bag has double layers with high stability and good durability. The bag is attached to the lid, even when the container is emptied, which simplifies handling. Even the innovative one-point system simplifies handling and provides a faster emptying process that can be handled by a single person.