Labeling and stickers Quattro Select

PWS offers labeling of containers. These can be labeling to clarify where different fractions should be sorted or their own profile on the container, with the emblem of their own logo, for example.


Enable waste sorting with distinct labeling

In order to ensure that the waste is sorted properly, it is important to clearly label the containers. PWS has several different labeling solutions, where the customer has great choice, such as front panel coverings, stickers, cut text, screen printing and laser scratch panel. Even raised symbols can be applied at the inserts, to facilitate visually impaired persons. It can be whole series or single containers.

See our labeling and stickers at this link.


Profile with own marking

PWS offers companies a custom profile on their waste containers. There may be different colors, but also embossing in the plastic. It is also possible to foil the entire container for special purposes or activities. It may apply to single containers or whole series.


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