240 L Flip lid

When the working environment is important

Flip Lid can be used for 240 liter PL containers with both 2 and 3 wheels.

Read more about 2-wheeled containers here and 3-wheeled containers here

In addition to being the most user-friendly solution, Flip Lid is also the absolute most ergonomic solution for garbage collectors.

Unlike lock-in-lock, which has so far been the most ergonomic solution, it is neither necessary to check whether the top lid is locked or to open the lid before it is emptied. When properly adjusting the car's lift arm, the covers open automatically when the container is emptied.

Flip Lid can be used with or without dividers. Flip Lid is adapted for dividers 40/60 -60/40 and 50/50.


Item number DIN: 0240 670 XXX
Item number Afnor: 0242 620 XXX


Technical data

  • Material: HDPE, UV-stabilized
  • Every lid have 2 hinge pins
  • Lid prepared for color clips
  • Ergonomic handles allow opening from all 4 sides
  • The product contains no substances on the SVHC list from ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) 


  • Color clips to the lid for identification of fraction and drainage scheme (yellow, red, blue, green, brown)
  • Universalclips
  • Noise reduction
Standard color


You can find our movie about the 240 L PL container here.


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