Frog insert/container

Technical data

  • Volume: 2500 – 3000 L
  • Material: Galvanized powder coated steel
  • Manufactured according to EN13071-1 / 2/3 (highest European requirements)
  • Complies with norms and current standards


  • Insert drum - single drum that opens from the top down
  • double opposing inserts by default to achieve the best fill rate
  • service panels at the drums
  • chains are led to the walls (not towards the center)
  • antigrafite-treated on the sides
  • Extra protection in the form of Govesan anti-graffiti lacquer
  • CE approved air system


  • 1-hook, 2-hook, 3-hook or Kinshofer lifting system
  • Other approved lifting systems
  • possible placement directly on hard surface
  • possible placement in a submerged steel caisson (40 cm deep), for larger volume with retained incline height
  • The locking drum can be equipped with electronic locking tag / blip or card lock
  • version for food waste with epoxy painted bottom for fluid / solid waste separator
  • electronic measurement of degree of filling
  • stickers and labeling
  • MiniCollector (under ground container)
  • Drive In cabinets for separate waste containers for additional fractions
  • Drive In-Lift for multiple additional fractions


  • Available in different colors; Hammarlack, metallic lacquer and selected RAL colors
  • painted surface (effectively hides dust and pollen)


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