Why semi-underground?

Well documented

Bagio underground systems are well proven and documented through cooperation with all the municipalities that introduced the system.

Needs small space

With a underground container, which can receive large amounts of waste, the waste is completely hidden underground. The waste is collected in a waste bin, which is made of recycled polypropylene in double layers, for high stability and good durability.

Easy to install

Bagio underground system has a lightweight, sturdy and robust construction. The system secures the tank and no additional reinforcement is required.

Beneficial running costs - long lasting

Bagio underground system is an easy-to-use underground system with long service life. The running costs are advantageous as there is no need for heated waste storage rooms and disposable bags.

Reduces the risk of bad odor

When the waste is stored underground, the temperature of the waste is kept cool and even, all year round and the risk of bad odor is minimized.

Can receive large amounts of waste

As the waste is thrown into the insert, it is compressed into the container by its own weight. This means that the Bagio system is made for large amounts of waste.

User-friendly inserts for different fractions

Regardless of the size of the Bagio container, they have the same optimized, user-friendly insert height, for different fractions. The insert with a self-closing lid can be in standard size, or larger. The larger insert can be supplemented with a child safety lock (which reduces the diameter of the insert) with padlock. When you need to throw larger items, unlock the padlock and open the child safety lock.

Easy to empty

Bagio is equipped with a clever, emptying bag. Because the weight becomes low, no special waste truck is needed. The emptying can be carried out using a standard truck with crane.