What is Bagio?


Effective and modern system

Bagio is a very efficient and modern, partially underground waste system. Bagio is a space-saving solution that gives a large "invisible" volume underground. A good underground system keeps a even, cool temperature throughout the year, minimizing the risk of bad odors.

Bagio underground system fits perfectly wherever large amounts of waste are generated, for example in parks and residential areas where standard containers are not enough. Thanks to the compression, using the force of gravity, the emptying frequency decreases.




Various designs

Standard Bagio comes in three different sizes (1.3 m3, 3 m3 and 5 m3) and are delivered with loose bags. Bio Bagio (0.6 m3) is supplied with a solid container. At the bottom of this container is a 50 liter tank for collecting liquid.

Long service life, minimal maintenance

Bagio is a lightweight, stable and robust construction. The system secures the tank and no additional reinforcement is required. Resistance to bumps and corrosion is ensured thanks to rotational casting. Together with UV-stabilized HDPE plastic, this ensures that the containers have a long service life. The design is optimized for efficient emptying, easy cleaning and minimal maintenance.