140 L PL BIO container

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Technical data

  • Volume: 140 L
  • Weight of container: approx. 16 kg
  • Max. permissible weight (according to EN 840): 70 kg
  • PWS standard bins can withstand a higher permissible weight than the standard EN 840 prescribes
  • Material: HDPE, UV-stabilized
  • Wheels: 2 rubber wheels Ø 250 mm by default. Corrosion protected steel axle
  • Lid / Body: 2 hinge pins lid with lip handle and in middle bow handle, body with continuous handle Ø 28 mm
  • Lid prepared for color clips
  • Distance between handle and body ≥ 51 mm
  • DIN Certification: EN840 RAL GZ 951/1
  • The product contains no substances on the SVHC list from ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) 
  • RFID Chipnest
  • Standard version with two punched holes, Ø 7.5 mm with cc dimensions 80 mm, at the edge for placement of PWS electronics box


  • Available in 240 L on request
  • Bio shelf (Biohylla), which dries- / freezes individually the bag of organic waste
  • Combination lid (Combiolock) with integrated bag holder
  • Punched sides for even better ventilation
  • Rubber distances for even better ventilation and silencing
  • Valves on the sides for even better ventilation
  • Middle ground bottom for good ventilation
    • Universalclip
    • Gravity lock
    • Triangular lock
    • Pad lock
    • Individual identification
    • Foot pedal to open the lid
    • Noise reduction
    • Wheels Ø 200 mm or 300 mm
    • RFID-system
    • Lid-in-lid

Standard colors


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