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Marcus Grahn
Housing cooperative Malmöhus 25, Malmö

From Chaos to Control with UWS

We are a housing cooperative located in Malmö, known as Malmöhus 25. With 27 buildings and 282 households, we are a well-established part of the community. Before we introduced our new waste sorting system, we had an inefficient method where our bins, which had no sorting function, were taken to the turning zone for emptying by the municipality. The waste, regardless of type, was thrown there without any form of differentiation. At that time, I was the chairman of the association and worked concurrently at Anticimex as a moisture investigator and dehumidification technician.

Choosing to implement UWS as our waste management solution was an easy decision. With my experience from Anticimex, I often encountered problems related to waste sorting and saw the many disadvantages of traditional methods. Building environmental houses was never an option for us considering the maintenance requirements and rat problems they entail. UWS emerged as the most reliable option with its robust products and aesthetically pleasing design.

The introduction of UWS has significantly improved our operations and daily life. Our caretaker now has more time for other tasks, and the area remains clean and odor-free.

We particularly appreciate the excellent service from PWS and their responsiveness to our requests. Additionally, the user experience has been positive, especially considering the efficient tag function system that works smoothly even during winter.

UWS has truly positively impacted waste sorting and recycling in our area. Despite the initial transition, the residents have been very satisfied with the new system.

We can see clear results and improvements since we started using UWS. Our caretaker has significantly less work with the waste stations, and the rat problems have completely disappeared. Everyone in the association is very satisfied with the results.

The cooperation and communication with PWS have been excellent. Despite the significant change for our residents and the association, everything went smoothly thanks to the close contact and effective collaboration with PWS.

During the implementation, we encountered challenges related to the ground conditions and infrastructure of our area. However, these problems were solved through close cooperation with the municipality and by adapting our infrastructure to meet the requirements of the UWS system.

To other associations and property owners considering using UWS as their waste management solution, we would say: Come and visit us to see the positive effect of the system with your own eyes. We are extremely satisfied and would without hesitation choose the same solution again. UWS works excellently for us and frees up time for our employees while providing us with a clean and well-maintained area without troublesome waste issues.

Underground Containers at the Housing Cooperative Malmöhus 25

The UWS Experience: Clean, Neat, and Worry-Free

As the project manager at SGS Studentbostäder, I have had the privilege of leading the implementation of the PWS UWS solution in one of our projects, located at Mejerigatan 2 in Gothenburg.

We chose UWS as our waste management solution because we did not have space for indoor solutions and needed to explore outdoor alternatives. After considering various options like waste houses and Molok containers, we found that the PWS UWS solution was superior. It was not only the best fit for our needs but also significantly cheaper than the only other option, a vacuum waste system. Additionally, a vacuum waste system involves higher future management costs.

UWS has clearly improved our operations by making it easier to keep our properties clean and neat. It works smoothly, unlike vacuum waste systems, which, besides being considerably more expensive, also require costly service agreements and often suffer from blockages.

We particularly appreciate the sturdy cast shafts and robust underground steel containers that make the system discreet and aesthetically pleasing. It is significantly more attractive than other options, especially compared to Molok containers.

The user experience with UWS has been simple, worry-free, clean, and neat.

The cooperation and communication with PWS have been excellent. Our salesperson, Mikael Andersson, has been exemplary and available to answer questions and follow up on how the system is working for us.

During the implementation, we encountered challenges related to building permits and emptying over the sidewalk in our area. We also had issues with underground utilities that were not shown on the plans. These obstacles were resolved by collaborating with the municipality and making adjustments to our infrastructure.

To other associations and property owners considering using UWS as their waste management solution, we would say that we are very satisfied and welcome them to visit us to see how it works.


Claes Jonasson

Project manager at SGS Studentbostäder